Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Little Lady...

this week I had the pleasure of going for 3D ultrasound to get a glimpse at the little lady!

 it was bittersweet because though it was just amazing to see her, I wish my hubby could have been there (he was being a champ & stayed with the little guy as it was nap time and due to a schedule change in the ultrasound, we couldn't find anyone to watch him). 
I cried the entire ride down there wishing he got to see her too… oh pregnancy hormones, you're the best.

he's made such a point to be at every prenatal appointment & every doctor's checkup that I think it was hard to not be together for such a big, exciting one but we made up for it in a full photo/DVD viewing party when I got home! 
did I mention he's the best dad of all time? because he truly is!

3D ultrasounds are INSANELY cool & here are some photos of the most beautiful little girl I've ever laid eyes on… 

her lips! those cheeks! her little button nose! she even gave us a little smile towards the end!
I could stare at these forever :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

Merry & Bright...

merry christmas!
we're just coming down from the single most amazing holiday season of all time! 

I know everyone says that christmas is even more exciting watching it through the eyes of your children, but OH MAN- I was not expecting to have such a wonderful time.

we were surrounded by so many friends (many who live out of town, so it was so special to see them) & our beloved family. there was plenty of hot chocolate, christmas movies, sleigh rides (a gift from Henri's grandparents) & fun in the snow.

last year at this time Henri was only a few months old, so though the photos of our little elf were adorable & we had such a fun time picking out gifts for him- he really had no idea what was going on. fast forward a year later & it's as if the kids been taking lessons on all things holiday! 
he had the tearing into the gifts down to an art & even gently spent time enjoying each toy before moving onto opening the next. it was so special to watch him all day, he really is just one of the sweetest little souls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. & he's ours to keep!

apparently the little lady in my belly got the memo that is was christmas as well because she was moving more than ever before all day long. with each little (or not so little) kick she gave me that day, I was reminded of the true gifts I've been given this christmas, & every single day for that matter… 
my two precious babies :)

here are a few of the photos from our special day, can you tell which toy was his favourite? 
my little music enthusiast!


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Growing By One...

so I realize it's been a while… & by a while I mean almost 8 months since my last blog post. to be honest I'm not sure if anyone reads it. but I've decided to go forth anyway & blog as much or as little as I want as a way to document our little families adventures. or so I'm telling myself in this desperate moment of procrastination where I should really be doing a thousand other things but I'm here… typing this. 

our family is growing! in March we are welcoming a little girl to the world & boy, do we have our work cut out for us. unlike my first pregnancy, I'm extremely laid back this time around which is great but we really do need to get our asses in gear if this baby girl is going to come home to her own (painted & decorated) bedroom… or have more than 2 onesies in rotation. nesting has kicked in though, especially these past few days. i find myself pulling apart pieces of our home and reorganising out of no where, but they're still relatively useless parts of our home (like our front closet) that don't actually help the whole BABY IS COMING IN THREE MONTHS situation. at all. but at least it's something!

it's been hard trying to wrap my head around how two littles running around will look. Henri will be 17 months old when she arrives and though I know my work will be cut out for me (as everyone reminds us every chance they get… I KNOW PEOPLE, I KNOW) I can't seem to picture it just yet. obviously it will be adorable to see them together, challenging at times & overall exhausting but it hasn't set in JUST yet… I'll let you know when it happens.

we celebrated Henri's first birthday back in October & our little guy is growing leaps + bounds everyday! we couldn't be prouder of our little man, he has truly brought us so much joy in the past year that words can't do our gratitude justice. our AMAZEBALLS & talented friend, Brie took some pretty amazing shots to celebrate his birthday. you can't find her website here & our favourites of the creative we did with her below…

hope you're all enjoying your week